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Designed, Fabricated & Assembled by American Craftsmen
to your exact specifications

Struxure luxury systems are manufactured entirely in the U.S. by American workers who take great pride in what they do. Our team of people really cares and is passionate about building the best system made — and that dedication shows in the beauty and quality of all our products. Each Struxure system is engineered to exceed all standards and expectations. They’re designed to meet Florida’s stringent hurricane codes, as well as withstand heavy snow loads in the cold of winter. Plus, each Struxure system is fabricated and powder coated to order, made to exact specifications, which makes for a better fit and finish and a cleaner looking system.


The original Struxure system has been improved and perfected since its inception in 2011. Its award- winning pivot design gives a full 170° range of motion to provide a cool oasis, regardless of the sun’s position. Now available with Struxure iLouverTM technology, the Pivot can intuitively control the effects of the weather to enhance your outdoor lifestyle.


When closed, the patented louver design interlocks, providing a solid shelter from rain. Water is pitched into the system’s 360° integrated gutter.

Angled In

Shaded space provides protection from the harmful effects of the sun. The Pivot provides SPF protection and allows you to spend more time outdoors without added sun exposure.


Allow maximum light into your space with the louvers fully opened. Minimizes resistance and uplift in high winds.

Angled Out

Angled louvers provide cool shade and air flow without blocking your blue sky view.


Lightweight Aluminum weighs less by volume than most other metals and materials.
Aluminum profiles can be made as strong as needed for most applications.
Aluminum does not rust.
Aluminum combines strength with flexibility and can flex under loads or spring back from the shock of impact.
Highly reflective aluminum can be used to shield products or areas from light, radio waves or infrared radiation.
Aluminum does not burn and, even at extremely high temperatures, does not produce toxic fumes.
Aluminum retains a high scrap value. It can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its superior characteristics.
Aluminum can be finished with a variety of common techniques, including liquid paint, powder coatings, anodizing or electroplating.

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