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Adding a Pizza Oven to Your Backyard

If you are looking to add a unique atmosphere to your backyard, consider adding a pizza oven! With a pizza oven, you can transform your outdoor cooking and entertaining, providing a unique experience to your family and your guests.

Cook More Efficiently

When deciding on the design of your pizza oven, you can choose from a variety of classic and modern designs. The essential elements of an outdoor pizza oven include:

  • Chimney
  • Heating element
  • Dome
  • Stone floor

These elements help create intense, sustainable heat for consistent cooking. The dome keeps the heat at a stable temperature and creates a convection effect that allows you to cook a pizza within just a few minutes.

Save on Energy Costs

After your initial investment in the oven, basic utensils, and the right wood, your pizza oven can help you save on the cost of eating out and will also help you save on energy costs since it does not use gas or electricity to operate.

Discover a Convenient and Relaxing Cooking Method

From pizza and bread to shellfish, vegetables, and meat, you can cook a wide variety of foods in your wood fire oven. With a wood fire pizza oven, you can transform just a few simple ingredients into a delicious meal. Clean up is easy because the stone serves as your pan, and the fire works to sterilize and lean food residue from the surface. Ash and charred crumbs will also need to be cleaned away.

Professional Pizza Over Installation

At Treesdale Landscaping, we can help you design the right pizza oven to meet your needs. With a variety of stone and colors, we can ensure that your pizza oven complements your patio and your home’s overall style. Learn more about why you should add a pizza oven to your yard by contacting us today!