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How Do Others See My House?

What we don’t realize is that most guests and potential buyers see our houses at night and as we all know first impressions are lasting. Well-executed outdoor lighting can place your house in the best possible light, while adding value to your property. It also makes your house much safer not only for you to see where you are going but also it deters intruders because there are no dark areas for them to hide.

New innovations in LED lighting have made outdoor lighting more cost-effective and maintenance free. No more changing bulbs every year or running up your electric bill. The Treesdale Landscaping Company only uses the best in outdoor lighting from Kichler. These products run on a low voltage system that draws very little power so you won’t notice a hit on your electric bill. Kichler offers a 10-year/40,000 hour warranty on their products so they look great and are maintenance free.

Things To Consider

We design and build a lot of outdoor living spaces for our customers, everything from retaining walls to patios to outdoor kitchens. There is nothing worse than spending tens of thousands of dollars on a great outdoor space only to have it lit by your motion sensored spot-light. It takes the ambiance and romanticism out of your new fire pit and patio when that light is always shining in your eyes. Plan ahead. We can always plan ahead for future lighting projects.