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Adding a water feature to your existing landscape is a beautiful way to improve your outdoor living area. A water feature such as a pond, waterfall, or fountain, can be beneficial in several ways. In addition to adding to the attractiveness of your landscape, a calming water feature can also reduce stress and anxiety while adding to the overall value of your home. There are many options when it comes to water features. Whether you want to make it a focal point or just a small accent piece, there are plenty of creative ways to integrate a water feature into your yard.

Ponds- A pond is a surprisingly low-maintenance feature that can bring tranquility to any landscape. One of the most unique attributes of a pond is that it functions as a small ecosystem and usually isn’t affected by minor changes in water quality. Ponds can vary in size from a small pool with a bubbler to a pond containing koi and other fish with large rocks and boulders around the perimeter.

Streams– This water option produces the sound and beauty of running water without need for a pond. Streambeds often couple with a waterfall or a series of waterfalls, while the water continuously circulates through a concealed reservoir.


A majestic waterfall is a wonderful way to create a peaceful, welcoming ambiance. Waterfalls can stand alone, or they can be paired with a pond or stream. The sound of rushing, bubbling water will promote serenity and relaxation in your outdoor living area.


Fountains come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. It all depends on your style preferences and how prominent you want it to be in comparison to the rest of your yard. These stand-alone features are typically simple to add; however, they can be quite grand. For instance, you may just want to place a bubbling vase in one corner of your landscape, or you might want to add a core-drilled boulder fountain to your swimming pool or pond. A very large and ornate formal fountain may be the focal point of your back yard or an elaborate attraction welcoming friends and family as they enter your property.

No matter what water feature you’re thinking of adding to your property, doing so will only increase the appeal of your yard and create a relaxing environment. The Treesdale Landscape Company combines natural stone and water plants to create beautiful, custom water features that meet and exceed our clients’ wishes. We are experts in landscape and hardscape design, and we always consider our clients’ personal tastes and ideas when creating and installing water features. Contact Treesdale today at 724-625-2976 to schedule a consultation.