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The Treesdale Landscape Company works day and night to ensure our clients’ properties are well maintained.

Winters in PA can be difficult on businesses, leaving you with plenty of snow and ice to clean up. Properly clearing snow and ice makes your property safer for employees and customers to navigate, without proper snow and ice management, you are putting them at risk for injury.

At Treesdale Landscape Company, we provide prompt snow and ice management services to ensure your property is clear of snow and ice and safe to use throughout the winter season. We have dedicated crews in each area we serve to keep your property clear of snow and ice:

  • Mars
  • Cranberry
  • Wexford
  • Warrandale
  • Robinson
  • Oakdale
  • Bridgeville
  • Monroville
  • McCandless
  • Ross Township
  • Seven Fields
  • Greensburgh

Snow Plowing

Since 1999, Treesdale Landscape provides efficient and experienced snow plowing service.
As a snow and ice management company, we prepare and think Winter year-round. During the winter season, we provide 24-hour snow plowing service, snow removal, and snow relocation services for your business. When other businesses are halted, your business will be operating because of Treesdale Landscape.

Each commercial property gets the specific services it requires and requests. Your tenants, customers, patients, and employees can travel your property safely and freely. But our snow removal service doesn’t end when the snow stops falling.

We continue to monitor your site days after a snow event has ended to address any concerns of refreeze, or any other safety issue that may occur after the storm.


Deicing is one of the most efficient ways to clear ice from your business’ walkways and parking lots. Salt is frequently mixed with inexpensive abrasives, such as sand, cinders, and grit. Abrasives offer no deicing benefits — only traction. Treesdale landscape uses a mixture of brine to ensure you’ll get more than traction.

Applying the appropriate amount of deicer helps ensure safe conditions on your property.

How Deicing Works?

Salt lowers the freezing temperature of water, melting it away easily and reducing the risk of injuries from slips and falls. It’s a public nuisance and a liability for you and your property. Preventing accidents caused by ice is a public safety imperative that we take very seriously. You won’t have to worry about the safety of your employees and customers. We’ll make sure your property is clear even in the nastiest of storms.

Snow Removal Cost & Pricing

The question is not, “will I need commercial snow and ice removal services?” The question is, “when will I need a commercial snow and ice team.”

Luckily, Treesdale Landscape will work with you before the winter season strikes making that second question obsolete.

The Treesdale Landscape Approach to Snow Removal Cost

Sauers helps you think through potential Winter Weather events and develops a scope of work for us to follow that will keep your property managed to your expectations.

Snow Removal Technology

Treesdale landscape utilizes the latest in effective and accurate snow removal technology during snow events. It helps ensure that everyone working is providing service up to our standards, up to ASCA standards, and up to ISO SN9001 requirements.

Treesdale landscape customizes our snow removal technology app to assist in excellent communication and operational efficiencies. As a client, this will help you receive timely and efficient billings; as well as receive detailed checklists to address the site and weather conditions, as well as, receive a signoff that the property was serviced to client expectations.

own crew


Each area has their own dedicated crew that learns the property and creates a comfortable and clean atmosphere. You can sleep soundly knowing your property will be clear before you, or your customers arrive.

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