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Retaining Walls are an excellent way to add shape and/or dimension to your property. A Retaining Wall helps to keep the soil in place, helping plants and grass beds that are located in areas that are sloped or prone to erosion. A Retaining Wall can give you a more level outdoor space as well as preventing valuable nutrients in the soil from being swept away by the harsh Pittsburgh elements.

A Retaining Wall is more than just a method of saving and enriching your soil. When properly constructed, they can form levels to your property, which can prove extremely useful in landscaping design. Retaining Walls allow you to section off a specific area of your property, such as a flower bed or garden, or construct levels around a BBQ pit or sitting area to provide shelter from the elements.

The designing and building of a retaining wall is a crucial element to its visual appeal as well as its overall purpose. A poorly constructed Retaining Wall can be an eyesore as well as a significant expense when it does not do the job it was designed to do. When done right, however, a Retaining Wall can become a functional yet visually appealing focal point on your property. There are a number of ways to design a Retaining Wall, with a number of materials available in various colors, sizes, and shapes that can enhance the look of any landscaping project.

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Treesdale Landscape Company is Pittsburgh’s Premier Landscaping and Hardscaping Specialists, with years of experience enhancing the properties of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area as well as helping our customers make the most of their outdoor living space. When it comes to knowledge of design and construction of Retaining Walls, Treesdale Landscape Company has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your retaining wall is done properly, increasing your property value and adding function and style for years to come.

If you are looking to avoid soil erosion, even out a slope, or create a tiered look to your property, then our experts can design and build a Retaining Wall that suits your unique needs. For more information, contact us today.