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Choosing Annual Flowers for your Landscaping

If you are looking for a way to provide a splash of color to your landscape, consider choosing from the wide variety of colorful annuals. Annuals are flowers that must be planted each year. They complete their growing cycle in a single growing season, but they provide stunning color and vibrancy to your landscape that is unmatched by offer plantings.

What to Consider When Choosing Annuals


With a wide range of annuals to choose from, it is best to consider each type and where you plan to plant them. While some annuals love full sunlight, others require shade or part-time sunlight. Some annuals need wet soil while others thrive in drier conditions. So, it is important to consider the amount of sun exposure and the soil conditions of the area where you plan to plant your annuals to ensure they receive what they need to survive.

It is also important to keep in mind that some annuals require more maintenance such as pinching, staking or feeding while others can be planted and let go, so be sure to consider how much time you want to spend maintaining your landscape.

Consider whether your schedule can handle more high maintenance annuals, such as snapdragons, which require perfect soil conditions and constant deadheading to bloom or if “plant and go” type annual such as mums or ornamental cabbage would be a better match. It is essential to consider the amount of time you can dedicate to your annuals when choosing the perfect ones for your landscape.

Once you’ve evaluated the areas you plan to plant in and have an idea of the growing conditions; it is time to measure your garden area and sketch out your desired design on paper. This will help you better visualize your landscape and will be helpful in determining how many plants you will need.

Planting Your Annuals

Now that you have a plan for your annuals, it is time to choose your favorite form, colors, and fragrances. You can choose to grow annuals from seeds or young plants. You can start the seeds indoors and transplant them once the weather is warmer. Other seeds will thrive better if they are planted directly in the garden, so be sure to follow the instructions for each type of seed for best results.

When buying annuals to transplant directly into the ground, choose healthy plants. Avoid plants that have yellow or diseased leaves. Also, avoid plants with roots growing out of the container and be sure to select plants with buds instead of open blooms. Refer to the tag on the plant to see how far apart to plant each annual.

For the biggest impact, plant your annuals in masses, rather than just one or two plants, for a giant burst of stunning color!

Professional Planting Services for a Beautiful Landscape

Need help choosing annuals for your landscape? Let our experts here at the Treesdale Landscape Company help you select the best plants for your soil conditions. Our supply yard in Mars, PA has a wide range of annuals that we can use to beautify your landscape. Contact us today to learn more about our planting services!
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