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Do I Need A Retaining Wall?

With many sloped properties in and around the Pittsburgh area, retaining walls are ever-present on many properties. However, because they are so prevalent, many fail to notice the retaining walls in their area, unless they are particularly striking or eye-catching.

Retaining walls are designed to hold soil in place, protecting the property and preventing soil erosion. They provide extra support as well as helping to slow the flow of  rainwater. However, modern retaining walls can be more than just functional. They can actually provide an aesthetic element to your property, enhancing it and even raising its value.

When You Need A Retaining WallPittsburgh Retaining Wall Contractor

  • You are dealing with erosion on your property – When there is a lot of erosion occurring downhill, debris can wash down, clogging your property and causing flooding.
  • You have a sliding hill on your property – Erosion can create problems with your foundation, which can lead to issues that are both time-consuming and costly to fix.
  • Your property is downhill from soil fault lines – Being downhill from a soilfault line can mean that any natural occurrence that causes land to slide away from the soil fault line will leave your property at risk.

The design and construction of a retaining wall can be a complex process that requires careful planning. From the installation to the materials used, it is important to have all of the right elements in place so that your retaining wall not only does its job properly, but that it it built to last.

If you need a retaining wall for your home or commercial property, let the experts at The Treesdale Landscape Company help you through the process. As the premier landscape contractor in Western Pennsylvania, The Treesdale Landscape Company takes pride in offering personalized service with top-notch expertise. Contact The Treesdale Landscape Company today, and let us provide you with a retaining wall that is both functional as well as adding curb appeal.

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