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Job Description: Director of Landscape
Division: Landscape Management
Reports to: GM and Owner

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Purpose and Description

Position is responsible for supervising and managing all operations related to commercial and
residential management within the division. Coordinates with the Other Directors, the procurement and scheduled use ofresources, including labor, equipment and materials to ensure maximum use and completion ofwork within budget, safety guidelines and quality standards. Promotes the growth anddevelopment of field staff and assists them in carrying out their responsibilities as needed.Offers support and services to other divisions in the company as needed.


  • Manages and schedules labor, equipment and material to accomplish production
  • Consults with Salesman to understand contractSpecifications and ensures they are met and maintains customers complete satisfaction.
  • Information Management to include verifying accurate and complete work orders and site plans.
  • Provide most recent plans and/or documents to field staff at the beginning of the day and provide instruction to ensure Crew Leader and crew are prepared to complete daily jobs.
  • Order materials, equipment and supplies as needed within purchasing limits, in accordance with Salesman.
  • Supervise employees, keeping attendance records, enforcing proper uniform and safety equipment use, and approving time cards.
  • Maintains sufficient staff to accomplish production schedules. Provides input in analyzing and forecasting future needs of staff and material needs to complete future jobs.
  • Coordinate the use of labor, equipment, materials and other resources with other divisions as Needed.
  • Visit job sites on a regular basis, observing organization of work, identifying and resolving training issues, and taking necessary actions to correct problems, improve quality and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Overall human resource management of field staff within division. Includes hiring, firing, training, coaching, mentoring and developing staff to reach potential and established goals for the individual and division. Identify and develop Crew Leaders.
  • Participate in actual field production work as needed.
  • Monitors job costs weekly and immediately reports to Production Manager any jobs deviating from budgets of time, schedule, cost or any other factor so appropriates adjustments can be made to maximize end result.
  • Makes recommendation regarding qualifying or disqualifying warranty work. Coordinates completion of warranty work per contract and/or instructions on Production Manager.
  • Provides technical information for customers, to support sales efforts with potential customers and personnel throughout the company.
  • Maintain a high level of good housekeeping and care of company assets in the field, vehicles, shop, field offices and customer work-sites.
  • Stay aware of Best Practices. Develop and recommend improved work methods and standards.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Key Performance Metrics

  • Revenue growth
  • Profitability
  • Employee retention
  • Retention of contracts and customers
  • Performance to budget
  • Safety record

Pivotal Duties

  • Oversee to ensure safe operation
  • Manage and ensure employee education, training and development
  • Manage dedicated work teams
  • Manage to ensure job quality
  • Understand contractual obligations and specifications
  • Oversee project enhancement and upgrades
  • Oversee to ensure administrative field reporting
  • Manage personal effectiveness
  • Delegate non-essentials
  • Be the third eye