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Job Description: Director of Maintenance
Division: Maintenance
Reports to: President and GM

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Purpose and Description

Position is responsible for managing all field operations within the company. Coordinates the procurement and scheduled use of resources, including labor, equipment and materials to ensure maximum use and completion of work within budget, safety guidelines and quality standards. Promotes the growth and development of field staff and assists them in carrying out their responsibilities as needed. Coordinates use of resources within other divisions and lends support to operational activities for the entire Company.

Weekly Responsibilities

  • Attend weekly meeting with Production Manager and Crew Leaders.
  • Attend weekly LM sales meetings and production meeting.
  • Monitor facilities lots, trucks and trailers for cleanliness and organization including trash and debris.
  • Monitor labor hours; adjust as needed.
  • Facilitate Tailgate Training and ensure 40 Weeks of Training is being taught by each department supervisor.


  • Manages and schedules labor, equipment and material to accomplish production schedules within established budgets. Maintains strict adherence to established schedules and budgets.
  • Understand contract specifications and ensures they are met and maintains customers complete satisfaction.
  • Provide most recent plans and/or documents to field staff at the beginning of the day and provide instruction to ensure Crew Leader and crew are prepared to complete the job
  • Ensures all work is completed in adherence to safety policies and guidelines. Conducts weekly safety training and safety inspections on job-sites.
  • Investigates any accident or safety violation, prepares appropriate reports, takes action steps to correct and prevent future occurrences. Defines and implements solutions to reoccurring accidents or most common hazards.
  • Maintains proper inventory of materials, equipment and other supplies are on hand to complete production activities.
  • Order materials, equipment and supplies as needed within purchasing limits, in accordance with salesmen.
  • Supervise employees, keeping attendance records, enforcing proper uniform and safety equipment use, and approving time cards.
  • Overall human resource management of field staff within division. Includes hiring, firing, training, coaching, mentoring and developing staff to reach potential and established goals for the individual and division. Identify and develop Crew Leaders.
  • Maintains sufficient staff to accomplish production schedules and analyzes future needs, forecasting staff and material needs to complete future jobs.
  • Conducts timely performance reviews of direct reports and take corrective actions when appropriate.
  • Coordinate the use of labor, equipment, materials and other resources with other divisions as needed.
  • Visit job sites on a regular basis, observing organization of work, identifying and resolving training issues, and taking necessary actions to ensure quality.
  • Respond to customer complaints ensuring proper handling to achieve excellent customer satisfaction.
  • Maintain day-to-day working knowledge of all contracts in progress, including field completion status.
  • Maintains costs within all assigned budgets.
  • Monitors job costs weekly and immediately reports to President and GM any jobs deviating from budgets of time, schedule, cost or any other factor so appropriates adjustments can be made to maximize end result.
  • Makes recommendation regarding qualifying or disqualifying warranty work. Coordinates completion of warranty work per contract and/or instructions on Division Manager.
  • Maintain a high level of good housekeeping and care of company assets in the field, vehicles, shop, field offices and customer work-sites.
  • Stay aware of Best Practices. Develop and recommend improved work methods and standards.

Key Performance Metrics

  • Revenue growth
  • Profitability
  • Employee retention
  • Retention of contracts and customers
  • Performance to budget
  • Safety record

Pivotal Duties

  • To coordinate and manage all field production activities, ensuring quality standards are maintained.
  • To have complete understanding of all contractual obligations and execute to meet such obligations.
  • To meet or exceed operating budgets.
  • To maximum use of field and other personnel, equipment, materials and supplies. Eliminate waste.
  • To coordinate between divisions to maximize and leverage company-wide personnel, equipment and other resources.
  • To maintain a safe working environment and enforce all safety standards, protocols, and regulations. Permit NO accidents.
  • To hire, fire, train, develop and discipline high performing work teams; grows, nurtures and develops personnel to reach goals benefiting both Company growth and individual growth of work team members.
  • To support and participate in the development, implementation and refinement of departmental best practices in all areas of field operations and safety. To keep abreast of new methods that might be applicable to the Company; constantly pursues new ideas, which could be implemented.
  • To proactively identify potential problems within production and find resolution to minimize damage/risk or possibly create unforeseen opportunity for gain.
  • To support sales and marketing initiatives with solid production knowledge or service. Identify opportunities for enhancements or upgrade.
  • Manage and track to minimize warranty work.
  • To manage personal effectiveness (competency, trust, communication, etc.) to maximize sales opportunities and development of customer relationships.
  • To provide and maintain excellent .customer service. Maintain customers.
  • Ensure all field reporting and records are completed accurately flow effectively between field and office.

Daily Responsibilities

  • Work with and assist Crew Leaders with any routing or scheduling/work sharing issues.
  • Monitor and direct crew activity and departure each morning.
  • Make sure crews have all equipment and supplies needed for daily work including any special order inventory needed for odd work orders to be completed.
  • Meet with supervisor
  • Influence positive attitude of staff through effective use of management and interpersonal skills.
  • Check properties and spot check crews.
  • Monitor competitors (what, who, where)
  • Coordinate & execute requests from account managers.
  • Daily uniform check-out.
  • CLIP sheets prepared and ready for crews every morning
  • Check out I collect tools and equipment.