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Reports to: Director of Landscape/Construction
Division: Landscape/Construction
Number of Employees Supervised: 1-3

Purpose and Description

Position oversees the progress, production and reporting of each project. The position assists with materials purchasing and and/or paperwork and maintains project.

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Minimum Qualifications & Educational Requirements

  • A minimum of 3 years relevant experience.
  • Strong knowledge of computer applications (Whatapp,google drive).
  • Must have drivers license

Extraordinary Work Conditions

  • Must maintain regular and reliable attendance at a level acceptable to the company, including the ability to work overtime, holidays, evenings or weekends as necessary.
  • Position requires extended work hours and flexibility in scheduling; including evening or weekend hours as needed.


  • Reviews all contract documentation prepared by Salesman.
  • Coordinates with production and field personnel to ensure all material and supplies reach the job site as scheduled and required.
  • Continuously compares contract documents to dollar amount entered into the accountingsystem and reports/corrects any deviations.
  • Assists in preparing any contract amendments to cover any additional extended overheaddollars and cost exposure due to job delays outside the control of the Company.
  • Anticipates and times likely supply shortages and makes advance recommendations for purchasing solutions.
  • Ensures all contract documents executed contain insurance provisions deemed adequate by company risk management standards and the prevailing insurance carrier requirement forbuilder risk and other elements.
  • Make project site visits noting progress and areas of concern
  • Represent Company at construction meetings with owners and architects.
  • Assist Directors as required
  • Attend project scope reviews and coordinate pre-construction meetings.
  • Approves time cards, conducts performance reviews and handles human resource concerns for any direct reports
  • Knows and observers all safety rules and ensures compliance and does not permit accidents.
  • Coordinates with production, project close out including punch list completion, submittalsand walk-throughs.
  • Stay aware of Best Practices. Develop and recommend improved work methods andstandards.

Key Performance Metrics

  • Project profitability
  • Performance to budget
  • Customer retention
  • Contract language and risk mitigation
  • Job close-out accuracy
  • Retention collection
  • Change order tracking and administration
  • Accurate and timely reporting and project documentation

Pivotal Duties

  • To supervise and coordinate all work performed for the customer as assigned,
  • To maintain quality control and insure the work is completed on time and on budget.
  • To insure quality control of all projects as assigned
  • To meet or exceed project by project budget standards
  • To support production in maximum use of field and other personnel, equipment, materials and supplies as assigned
  • To manage and administrate change orders, work orders, project scope changes, and complete ‘costs to complete’ estimates in an efficient, timely and accurate manner
  • To implement departmental best practice procedures in all areas of field operations as assigned

Success Behaviors

  • Tenacity
  • Thoroughness and attention to detail
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written
  • Results and action oriented
  • Sales and growth oriented
  • Profit driven – seeks ways to cut costs and improve efficiency
  • Effective problem solving skills
  • Performs and demands excellent quality in work
  • Service and teamwork oriented
  • Customer centered and focused
  • Focus on learning and self-development
  • Technically competent and skilled