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Reports to: Division Managers – Ted Dixon & Ed Hoffman
Division: Sales Representative
Number of Employees Supervised: 0
Sales Goal – $50,000 per week/$1.5million

Position is responsible to bring a consistent flow of profitable new business to the division and/or company, in accordance with the sales and marketing plan.

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Purpose and Description

Position is responsible to bring a consistent flow of profitable new business to the division and/or company, in accordance with the sales and marketing plan. Executes the sales and customer relations policies, maintains and improves the Company’s competitive position to increase market share. Monitors installation/services and customer’s perception and attitudes towards the services provided. Identifies and communicates to production any specific customer preferences or requests for service and immediately works to provide solutions to any customer complaints.


  • Sell landscape management contracts that include mowing, chemical, horticultural services, and/or snow removal to commercial properties.Sell Hardscape, landscape, pergola installation projects to residential and commercial. Sell Supply yard materials, mulch, gravel and block to residential and contractors, to meet or exceed sales goals.
  • Coordinate sales efforts with those in other divisions to increase market share.
  • Prospect for new business, developing relationships with general contractors, builders, commercial developers, property managers and others. Plans and maintains adequate cold and warm calls/leads to cover the market.
  • Supports account management in securing renewals and selling additional contracted work as needed.
  • Prepares and presents proposals in complete and professional manner, according to company standards. Follows-up on hard bids and offers value engineered solutions to customers.
  • Ensures all estimates are prepared and approved as needed prior to presenting to customer.
  • Sells projects at approved prices to meet or exceed targeted profit margins.
  • Conduct site inspection and assessment with Estimators/Designers and/or Production Management to determine slope, drainage, exposure, and existing structures, features, roads, and utilities that will affect project
  • Responds to ALL inquiries and requests for bid in a timely manner. Small, large, landscape, hardscape, and pergola are included.
  • Maintains record and tracking of all proposals in progress and timely follows-up to maximize sales opportunities. Aggressively pursues all proposals in progress. Sets up weekly meeting with Directors, Managers, And crew leaders to give weekly reports of bids given, accepted, names, prices, and percent of closed projects.
  • Maintains a company-owned database of current customers, prospective customers and past customers to support the marketing and sales effort.
  • Work closely with Owner, GM, Directors, Managers on Quality and customer service.
  • Maintain keen awareness and provides candid feedback on customer relationship and the customer’s perceptions of the product and service being provided, to maximize customer retention.
  • Communicate to appropriate parties any problem areas and work to find immediate resolution.
  • Anticipate customer needs with positive solutions in a timely manner, assists in the sales of change orders and extra contracted work.
  • Represents Company at various approved events, organizations and associations for the purpose of building relationships that lead to new business. Acts in capacity of Company representative and develops community ties to enhance public image and brand of the Company. Maintains positive relations with other companies in the industry and related industries.
  • Participates in various industry associations to increase knowledge of marketplace, sales opportunities, the competition, selling techniques and best practices.
  • Provide feedback to appropriate parties regarding, pricing, competition and other market observations. Exploits changing market opportunities and responds to competitor strategies.
  • Provides feedback to the Division Managers and offers recommendations regarding marketing strategies, materials and opportunities.
  • Is aware of billing and collection status on all projects/customers. Advises on credits or collections and works with production, customer to get any collection issues resolved for work sold.
  • Meet division guidelines for job costing, billing, and other sales reporting requirements.
  • Keeps updated Google calendar shared with Directors.
  • Completes own designs for bids, with the assistance of Marshall.
  • Study and understand the processes of each division and how they install/build in order to sell effectively. (Pergolas, landscape, grass mowing)
  • Develop ways to increase sales in supply yard, landscape and hardscape divisions.
  • Use advanced sales tools to generate a variety of ways the company can be seen, ex. Facebook Ads, SEO etc.
  • Winter work will consist of LMN updating, New sales goals, Ads and marketing campaign for upcoming year, help with Billing and office needs in winter. If shit hits the fan, will be in the field helping any way you can.

Key Performance Metrics

  • Actual sales to budget
  • Close ratio on proposals presented
  • Ratio of proposals submitted to backlog goals and objectives
  • Margin on projects sold – pricing at targeted or above target margins. Ensure profitable work.
  • Accuracy and completeness of sales, customer, and prospect database information
  • Development of loyal/repeat/referral customer base

Pivotal Duties

  • To meet or exceed sales objectives and targeted goals
  • To respond in a timely manner to all inquiries and proposal requests: 24 hours for initial call back, 3 days for bid.
  • To prepare and present approved proposals in a complete and professional manner.
  • Effective communication with production departments and account managers contract specifications, customer preferences to ensure customer satisfaction with services delivered.
  • To understand and anticipate customer and/or market needs, current and projected
  • To aggressively seek out and identify opportunities for new business, customers and market growth
  • To maintain complete customer and market awareness. Know where opportunity exists for improved customer service to current and prospective customers and opportunities for additional sales and market penetration
  • To assist with overall sales and marketing initiatives for Company.
  • To maintain preferred vendor status with desired customers
  • To develop repeat and/or referral business from customers.
  • To manage personal effectiveness (competency, trust, communication, etc.) to maximize sales opportunities and development of customer relationships.