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Job Description: Supply Yard Hand
Reports to: Supply Yard Manager
Division: Supply Yard

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Purpose and Description

Position handles departmental matters as they relate to delivery of materials, and cleanliness of supply yard, organization of equipment/trucks/assets on property.


  • Maintain neat and clean yard at all times.
  • Maintain optimal level of customer services and assist to resolve all customer issues.
  • Monitor inventory of yard supplies and report to Yard Manager at end of day.
  • Deliver materials to company job sitesand residential customers.
  • Help communicate tasks from Supply Yard Manager to Delivery Drivers.
  • Preform other duties as assigned.

Success Behaviors

  • Strict attention to detail and ability to work accurately
  • Profit driven – seeks ways to cut costs and improve efficiency
  • Effective problem solving skills, ability to handle adversity
  • Performs and demands excellent quality in work
  • Service and teamwork oriented
  • Customer centered and focused
  • Focus on learning and self-development