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Job Description: Office & Supply Yard Manager
Reports to: Owner/GM/Directors
Division: Office & Supply Yard
Number of Employees Supervised: 3

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Purpose and Description

Position handles departmental matters as they relate to administrative areas, exercising discretion and making appropriate decisions, consulting with Division Manager as needed. This position is responsible for multiple and varied administrative functions, which include departmental billings, sales tracking, project tracking and collection activity. Position relies heavily on strong interpersonal and computer skills along with the ability to identify problems, complete cause analysis and provide solutions as they relate to administrative activities. Ensures complete accuracy in all data and processing and record keeping.


  • Maintain neat and clean yard at all times. (must walk outside and look)
  • Maintain optimal level of customer services and assist to resolve all customer issues.
  • Supervise all customer and company staff in all yard operations.
  • Monitor inventory of yard supplies and place purchase orders as necessary.
  • Maintain the sale, schedule & delivery of all residential deliveries.
  • Manages yard personnel.
  • Understand the daily Sales, production and scheduling meeting.
  • Complete paperwork and update worksheets and reports related to division activity in a timely manner.
  • Organize and prepare billing documents. Oversee billing and make routine collection calls.
  • Perform a variety of administrative functions including correspondence, data entry and report preparation, processing paperwork, filing and computer work. Provide administrative support to Division Manager.
  • Field customer calls to gather requirements and preferences for projects and forward to appropriate party.
  • Field warranty calls, source replacement materials, identify cause of plant failure and execute warranty.
  • Receive and respond to customer complaints exercising discretion and judgment to resolve customer or departmental issues, and/or work with management to achieve resolution.
  • Contribute to and/or complete special projects as assigned.
  • Maintain complete customer and other departmental files; collect and catalogue designs and billing information.
  • Orient new employees to department.
  • Work with management to assign work locations and set up work areas for new employees within the department.
  • Complete customer mailings of marketing materials and general correspondence.
  • Maintain complete and accurate mailing list of customer information.
  • Assist with the completion of landscape estimates and contracts. Verify the accuracy of prices and all content.
  • Assist with project management.
  • Work with Nursery and outside vendors to source plant and other materials as needed.
  • Work as assigned or needed within snow removal process team.

Key Performance Metrics

  • Meet established target dates for all ongoing responsibilities and assigned tasks.
  • Accuracy in all communication and records.
  • Accuracy of data, reports and other work product.
  • Performance to budget and established schedules

Pivotal Duties

  • To provide accurate and timely reports to support operational and sales functions.
  • To maintain accurate and current information
  • To coordinate and help manage all incoming and outgoing telephone, written and other communication within the division.
  • To provide excellent customer service and offer a high degree of professional business decorum in all dealings with the Company’s customers and with all operations and sales personnel.
  • To coordinate and manage a variety of administrative activities with accurately, efficiently meeting all deadlines.
  • To maintain current and accurate files, vendors, customers etc. for easy retrieval at any time.