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Pittsburgh Grass Cutting and Lawn Maintenance

Many homeowners dread the task of mowing, but it is a necessary and unavoidable maintenance chore that must be done with great frequency over the spring, summer, and often, into the late fall. This time consuming, never-ending yard grooming can become an imposition to busy homeowners, but there are several good reasons to cut your grass regularly.

  • Natural Fertilization: When grass clippings are left on the lawn, they decompose and reenter the soil, enriching it, and thus, improving the overall health and beauty of the grass.
  • Distribution of Resources: Grass that is uniform in length will grow more uniform in color and consistency because when all blades are the same length, the distribution of water and sunlight is even across the lawn.
  • Survival of the Fittest: The healthiest grass blades thrive and multiply when cut, increasing the overall health and improving the appearance of the yard.
  • Manicured Lawn: A freshly-cut lawn adds to the beauty of your landscape and increases the curb appeal of your home.

Leave the Grass Cutting to a Professional Team

The Treesdale Landscape Company performs a full line of lawn care and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties that leave grass looking beautiful, healthy, and well-maintained.  With our experienced, professional team, you will never have to worry about the health and upkeep of your yard. We are entrusted to mow and care for many high-profile residential and commercial lawns, and our clients are never disappointed.

Our team will mow, edge, and perform weed control in your yard on a fixed schedule, caring for your specific type of grass and customizing our work according to your preferences. In a fraction of the time it would take you to do all of these things, our team completes cutting and maintenance with professional- grade equipment that leaves your yard looking better than ever. We take pride in each and every job that we do, and we are pleased to be able to relieve our clients of the burden of weekly grass cutting and yard maintenance.

If you’d love a perfectly manicured yard, but you can’t afford to spend the hours it takes each week, let Treesdale do the work for you. To schedule regular grass cutting and lawn maintenance services, give us a call at 724-625-2976.