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What is a Sitting Wall?

If you’re looking add more seating your patio, a sitting wall is a great option to add not only more seating but also enhancing the aesthetics of your patio. A sitting wall is a low wall that is built on a patio that doubles as seating.

A sitting wall is typically built at a vertical height of roughly 18” to 21,” and it ranges from 12” to 24” wide to allow for comfortable seating.

Features of a Sitting Wall

To make your sitting wall more comfortable, you may consider adding a built-in backrest to your wall. This adds comfort while also adding a beautiful touch to your patio. At Treesdale Landscaping, we have experience designing sitting walls in a variety of ways. You can choose to have a free-standing sitting, that will be built out in the open space of your patio on a flat surface.

You can also choose a retaining wall/sitting wall combination that can not only retain soil but can also add seating to your patio. You can also customize your sitting wall with a variety of different textures and colors by choosing from a range of different stone. This allows you to create a look that flows with and enhances the look of your current patio.

Get Creative with Your Wall

Since your sitting wall is customizable, the options are endless. You can use What is a Sitting Wall?natural stone or decorative blocks that interlock to create a wall that is straight or curved. This allows you to enhance your space and express your style while making the space more appealing and functional.

You can also experiment with mixing and matching different colors of stone to create a pattern or go for a neutral look with stones that are all the same color. No matter how you choose to design your wall, a sitting wall is an excellent addition to your patio!

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