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6 Landscaping Wall Ideas That Will Change the Way You Look At Your Backyard

If you are looking for a way to transform your backyard landscaping and create a beautiful outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing, there are a variety of walls to use retaining walls to create the look you desire!

At Treesdale Landscaping, we’ve put together our top six ideas for landscaping walls that you can use to add dimension and visual interest to your space.

Create Plant Beds with Retaining Walls

You can break up your sloped yard with stone retaining walls. To create stunning scenery, you can plant beautiful annuals, shrubs, trees, and perennials within these walls.

Garden in Layers

Accent your fence and terrace with retaining walls and steps to make a more inviting entrance, or create layers to your garden with walls. Consider a wall that will sit above your main lawn area and create a timeless look within your landscape.

Utilize Steep Slopes in Your Yard

If you have a heavily sloped yard, retaining walls can be used to break up the slopes and create flat usable areas where you can sit and relax or where you can plant vegetables, flowers, and other plants that will accent your property.

Use Walls to Create Protection and Beauty in Urban Spaces

If your home is nestled on a busy street where your front yard is located right near a busy sidewalk, installing a retaining wall as a barrier can be useful.

It can help prevent people from dropping litter and can also prevent dog use to keep your lawn clean and clear. With a retaining wall, you can create a beautiful garden that faces the sidewalk while keeping your lawn free of litter and other debris from passersby.

Fight Erosion with a Concrete Block Wall

Steep and abrupt sloping of your land can lead to erosion and other issues. To help prevent erosion, you can install retaining walls made from concrete blocks that not only help prevent erosion but also add an interesting rustic look to your property.

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At Treesdale Landscaping, our hardscape experts can create a variety of different retaining wall styles to suit your needs. Contact us today to begin your landscaping transformation!