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Landscape Maintenance in the Spring

Spring is the perfect time for landscape maintenance. The weather is warm but not too hot, and the spring rains can help keep your lawn hydrated throughout the season. It’s also a great opportunity to get ahead on any garden or lawn care that was put off during the winter months. Here are some of the best practices for spring landscape maintenance:
Remove old or dead foliage
Start by removing any old or dead foliage from your yard. This includes leaves, branches, and other debris that have accumulated over the winter. If you have shrubs or trees that require pruning, now is the time to do it.
Install new plants.
Landscape SuppliesOnce the old foliage is removed, it’s time to begin adding new plants and flowers to your landscape. Start by assessing what you already have in place and determine what type of plants or flowers would best complement your existing setup. If you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain option, consider perennial varieties such as daylilies, hostas, and lilies of the valley.
Mow your lawn regularly. 
Mowing your lawn is one of the most important tasks for keeping it looking healthy and attractive. The frequency will depend on you, but a good rule of thumb is to mow at least once every two weeks during the growing season. Make sure to keep your blades sharp, as dull blades can damage the grass.
Fertilize your lawn and gardens. 
Fertilizer helps ensure that your plants are getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong throughout the spring. Use a slow-release fertilizer to avoid overfeeding, or you can use natural compost as a substitute.
Prune trees and shrubs. 
Pruning helps promote healthy growth and eliminates dead or diseased branches. This is especially important in the spring when new shoots are starting to form.
Weed your garden beds. 
Weeding should be done regularly throughout the growing season to keep your gardens looking neat and free of pests. Pull weeds by hand when possible, as this is less disruptive to the soil and surrounding plants.
Water your lawn and gardens. 
Watering is essential to help keep your lawn and garden looking green and healthy throughout the spring. You should water your lawn or garden at least twice a week, or more if it’s hot outside. Use a soaker hose for flower beds and trees, as it helps direct water to where it’s needed.

Landscaping Services in Pittsburgh

These are just a few tips for keeping your landscape looking its best during the spring months. With a little bit of care and maintenance, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space all season long. Treesdale Landscaping has a wide variety of landsaping materials in our supply yard, everything  needed to create a stunning landscape for your home or business. Contact us today to book your spring services!