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Barbeque Islands – The Hottest Landscape Feature for 2021

Cookouts are a great way to spend time with family, socialize with neighbors, and celebrate life’s special moments. If you are looking for a way to up your outdoor cooking game, consider adding a BBQ island to your outdoor living space.

BBQ islands are a popular trend for outdoor spaces and will elevate your outdoor experience. They also add value to your home and eliminate the need for a traditional indoor barbeque. There are various design options for a barbeque island, so it is best to speak with a hardscape professional to help you get some ideas.

Benefits of Installing a Barbeque Island

Increase the Value of Your Home
Making improvements to your home can help greatly increase the value. If you are trying to sell your home or plan to do so at some point, adding unique features like an outdoor barbeque island can help you get more out of your home. Your backyard appliances will last for years, providing buyers with valuable features.

Making your home stand out with features like a barbeque island can help your home stand out among others, helping you get potential buyers more quickly and, in turn, sell your home faster.

Reduce Your Utility Bill
Every homeowner loves to save on utilities. When you cook outdoors, the heat can escape into the air, whereas when you cook inside, it increases your home’s temperature. This can lead to your air conditioner being used to help regulate the temperature, especially during the summer. If grilling is something you often do, your air conditioner will frequently be working to reduce the home’s excessive heat.

When you install an outdoor barbeque island for grilling, you can naturally regulate your home’s indoor temperature. This will allow your energy bills to go down since you won’t need the air conditioner every time you grill. Cooking outside also allows you to avoid any lingering food odors.

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Area
If you use your outdoor space for entertaining, then a barbeque island is a great addition to your deck or patio. With the outdoor barbeque, you can bring together friends and family for lunch, dinner, r a special celebration. Unlike an indoor kitchen, your outdoor space will give guests more space to socialize and enjoy the fresh air. Grilling indoors is not as fun when compared to cooking outdoors for your guests. The indoor kitchen can get crowded, whereas outside, guests can be more comfortable to enjoy music, outdoor games, etc.

Add string lights, comfortable furniture, and background music for the ultimate outdoor kitchen experience.

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space
Rather than expanding your house, you can create a BBQ island to save you space inside your home. By maximizing your outdoor space, you won’t need to add another room. With a BBQ island, you can make your outdoor living area an extension of your home by adding furniture and your own unique style of décor. By transforming your outdoor space into a comfortable place to relax and hang out, you will have plenty of room for guests and family. A barbeque island can serve as an outdoor living room, entertainment area, and dining area.

Professional Barbeque Island Hardscape Services

At Treesdale Landscaping, our experienced hardscape experts can help you craft the perfect barbeque island for your outdoor living space. If you are ready to create a great space for entertaining and family fun, contact us today!