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How are Aluminum Pergolas Different from Traditional Wooden Pergolas?

Although wooden pergolas are common in many backyards, there are a variety of benefits to the aluminum technology that is now available. When it comes to aluminum, it offers a wide range of benefits when compared to wooden pergolas, such as less maintenance as well as different functions and looks.

Benefits of an Aluminum Pergola

Lower Cost

Although an Arcadia aluminum pergola can have a higher cost up-front, it costs less than a wooden pergola in the long run because it has less recurring maintenance costs compared to wood.How are Aluminum Pergolas Different from Traditional Wooden Pergolas?


Unlike a wooden pergola, that is traditionally left open, and aluminum pergola is adjustable and can provide you with access to full sun, partial sun or can provide complete shade. With the Arcadia louver design and the built-in gutter system to handle the rainfall, you are given weather protection no matter the conditions. There are a variety of aluminum pergolas that can provide you with as much or as little of a sky view as you want.

In addition to being versatile, aluminum pergolas are also easy to operate. An aluminum pergola can be adjusted using the click of a remote-control button or smart device. Feature such as wind and rain-sensing technology can also be added for optimal performance.


Aluminum pergolas offer custom amenities and sizing options to meet your needs. There are a variety of wrap options for aluminum, such as faux wood wrap. You can also add custom trim and accents, motorized screens for pest protection, as well as lighting, heating, and ceiling fans.

With the lighter weight of aluminum, an aluminum pergola can also be installed where a wooden pergola wouldn’t be suitable, such as a deck or balcony where the weight needs to be kept to a minimum.

Easier to Maintain

Wood requires regular staining, painting, and treatment to prevent weather and pest damage, whereas aluminum can withstand warping, rot, and corrosion, requiring little maintenance.

Long-Lasting Beauty

From the first day to 15 years after installation, you can expect your Arcadia pergola to still look great! Aluminum pergolas last longer and are more durable than any other material out there, making them a lasting and beautiful investment you can enjoy for years to come.
It is clear that aluminum is an excellent investment for those looking for a long-lasting and beautiful pergola for their outdoor living space. Contact Treesdale Landscaping today to learn more about tour selection of Arcadia luxury systems.
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