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Landscaping with Rocks

The best way to ensure your landscape looks great is by building your landscape on a strong foundation. Choosing the right mulch, gravel, sand, and rocks is essential to laying the proper groundwork for your spring landscaping project.

When choosing your landscape’s foundation, it is essential to keep the following factors in mind.

What Style Are You Trying to Achieve?

When you choose to design your landscape using rocks and gravel, the possibilities are endless. With a variety of different colors, sizes, and shapes, each type of rock or gravel will create a different style. If you are Landscaping with Rockslooking for a more rustic style, then decomposed granite is an excellent option. For architecture and oriental grand, white pebble will complement your landscape well.

Once you have settled on your vision for your landscape, our expert team can guide you through our options at the landscape supply yard and help you find the best gravel, rock, or other material to help you achieve your vision.

How Much Time Do You Have for Maintenance?

Choosing a landscaping option that suits your style and vision is great, but you also have to make sure that it suits your schedule and the time you can dedicate to maintenance. If you don’t have the means or the time to maintain your landscape, it can turn into an unsightly scene. If you decide on a material such as pea or decomposed gravel, it’s important to keep in mind that weeds can become overwhelming if you don’t consistently maintain it.

Other materials such as Mexican beach pebbles allow for easier weed control, but they can be hard to find locally and carry a high shipping price tag. We can help you find the best materials that suit your maintenance abilities and aesthetic goals.

What is Budget and Schedule for the Project? 

It is crucial that you determine how much the project will cost you and how long it will take to complete. Whether you are going to complete the project yourself or hire a rock landscaping professional this information is important to helping to stay on schedule and within your budget.

Many of the different types of gravel available are relatively budget-friendly. Keep in mind when budgeting if you plan to cover a larger area or you want to upgrade your landscape to a more up-to-date look you will need to budget for the additional landscaping materials as well as the higher-grades ff gravel and rocks. If you plan to hire a professional, you will need to take into consideration how many laborers may be required and what it will cost you per hour.

Professional Rock Landscaping Services

The Treesdale Landscape Company is your one-stop shop for all of your rock landscaping needs. With a well-stocked supply yard, full of a variety of rock, gravel, and other landscaping material options, we have the materials you need to get the job done.

We also offer expert landscape installation services where we can bring your landscaping dreams to life. Let us handle the installation and maintenance of your landscape giving you a beautiful outdoor scene to enjoy all season!