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Popular Hardscaping Solutions to Consider for Your Home

If you are looking for a way to elevate your outdoor living space, consider adding hardscape features. There are various hardscape solutions to suit your needs and your home’s aesthetic, from retaining walls to pathways.

Add a Pathway to Protect Your Lawn

If you use your outdoor space a lot, you and your family are often walking on your lawn. This can take a toll on the health of your property and cause damage. Reseeding your yard can help combat this, or you can add a pathway to help keep people off the lawn.

When you add a pathway, you can prevent the abuse foot traffic causes for a healthier-looking lawn. Pathways can be installed with various materials for a stylish look, including bricks, cobblestones, and more.

Lower Erosion with Retaining Walls
Adding a retaining wall to your landscape can help lower the amount of erosion during heavy rain and help protect your property against flooding. Retaining walls also help protect your garden beds from the intense summer heat and help cut down the brutal winds during Pittsburgh winters. Retaining walls are an excellent hardscape solution to add protection to your property.
Fire Pits for Warmth and Entertainment

If you enjoy cool summer evenings by the fire or want to extend the use f your outdoor space into the cooler months, a fire pit is a great hardscape solution. Various fire pit options can be custom-built using different color bricks and stones to match your home. Create the ultimate spot to gather with family and friends for entertaining and fun activities like making smores and gazing at the beautiful night sky.

Water Features to Boost Property Value
A pond is the perfect hardscaping solution for homeowners who want to boost their property value and get more out of their outdoor living space. Create a relaxing oasis where you can unwind from the stress of the day. This is also a feature that requires minimal maintenance and can simply be enjoyed once installed. A pond will also help appeal to potential buyers when it comes time to sell.

Professional Hardscape Services

At Treesdale Landscaping, we provide professional hardscape services to add hardscape solutions to your outdoor space. Let us help you boost property value and create an entertaining space for your guests. Contact us today to learn more.