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Why Removing Fallen Leaves Is Important

While fall in Pittsburgh has a beautiful display of many different colors of leaves, those leaves can wreak havoc on a property owner’s lawn. Colorful leaves eventually fall from the trees and wind up on the lawn, creating hours of work cleaning them up. While raking the leaves may seem like a tedious chore, it is a necessary one. Understanding the reasons why leaf removal is important to your lawn may help to convince you to hire a professional Leaf Removal Service to help with the work.


  1. Leaves can smother the grass. Fallen leaves that lay on the grass deprive it of sunlight, which is necessary for its health and proper growth. Leaves turn the energy from the sun into food storage, which is essential for the root area during the winter months.
  2. Leaves deprive the yard of oxygen. Grass is a key source of oxygen, producing more for the environment at a greater rate than an identical area of trees.
  3. Leaves trap moisture within the yard. Trapped moisture can create problems with fungus, which can lead to crown and root rot in your lawn. Severe fungus problems can be difficult to treat.
  4. Accumulated leaves can cause safety issues. Wet leaves on sidewalks or driveways can be slippery, particularly when wet, and lead to accidents!


When it comes to leaf removal, it may be tempting to wait until all of the leaves have fallen, but it is much better for the overall health of your lawn to rake them as soon as possible.


Because leaf removal can be a time-consuming chore, let the experts at Treesdale Landscaping take care of the leaves this fall, and give you more time for the things that you really want to do. Having Treesdale Landscaping’s Leaf Removal Services will ensure that the job is not only done when it’s needed, but that it’s done right! Our landscaping professionals will help to keep your yard looking its best and healthy, not just during the fall, but all year long!


Contact Treesdale Landscaping today for more information about our Leaf Removal and Landscaping services, and get a head start on the fall!

Ted Dixon