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Building a Pergola Over a Patio

A patio serves as a versatile outdoor living space providing you with an area for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying time with family and friends. These hardscapes provide you with a low-maintenance area with a variety of benefits, but one downside is that they are typically uncovered.

A popular upgrade we do at Treesdale Landscape Company is building a pergola over a patio. We have put together a guide on some of our pergola design options to help you get some ideas for your next project!

Treesdale’s Top Five Patio Pergola Designs

When accessorizing your patio space, adding a pergola will not only help make the area more attractive and appealing but can also add functionality to the space. Here are some of our favorite patio pergola designs:

Dining Area

When you place a pergola over your dining area on your patio, you create a distinct dining area reminiscent of an elegant outdoor bistro. The pergola adds comfort and style and can also be outfitted with lighting to help set the mood for late dinners.

Seating Area

Sitting out on the patio during a sunny day or even when there are light showers can be made possible by adding a pergola with a sun barrier over the top of your patio. Create a more formal seating area that you can use any time, day or night, with the addition of a pergola.

Floral Showpiece

Patios tend to be neutral in color to match your home and blend in with the color scheme. When you add an attached or free-standing pergola, you can add a pop of color by decorating the pergola with hanging plants and ground-level planters to add brightness and depth to the space creating a floral showpiece for your property.

Cooking Area

If you have a grill space or outdoor kitchen on your patio, adding a pergola can create a formal cooking space. If you add a pergola with a sun barrier, you can protect yourself from the elements for a more comfortable cooking experience.

Hot Tub Area

For those who have a hot tub on their patio, you can make your space stand out with a pergola! Add elegance and flair to your space to create a resort-style oasis where you can relax and unwind after a long day.

Louvered Pergolas for a Beautiful Design

At Treesdale Landscape Company, we install pergolas that are designed, fabricated, and assembled by American craftsmen. The Struxure luxury pergola systems are engineered to meet your exact specifications, exceeding all standards and expectations. They meet Florida’s hurricane code and can withstand heavy snow loads.

With a pivot design, you can close, angle in, open, or angle out your pergola for ultimate comfort and protection from the elements.
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