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StruXure Adjustable Pergolas vs Traditional Pergolas

If you are looking for a way to make your outdoor living space more functional with a pergola is a great addition to make to your property! In your search for pergolas, you may come across traditional pergola options and advanced options like the StruXure Adjustable Pergolas.

There are a variety of differences to consider between these two types of pergolas. The StruXure Adjustable Pergola is superior in many ways when compared to the traditional wooden pergolas. At Treesdale Landscape Company, we have put together a guide to StruXure Adjustable Pergolas compared to the traditional pergola to help you determine what type of pergola will meet your needs.

Features of a StruXure Adjustable Pergola

Unlike a traditional wooden pergola, a StruXure Adjustable Pergola is made from durable aluminum, making it strong enough to withstand the elements such as wind and rain while also making it virtually maintenance-free. Pergolas are traditionally made from wooden, with slats that don’t provide much shade from the sun or protection from the rain. Other features of a StruXure Adjustable Pergola include:
  • This pergola offers the beauty of a traditional pergola, with more function and durability.
  • You can pivot the louvers 170 degrees, giving you a range of options to suit Pittsburgh weather.
  • This type of pergola is made from extruded aluminum beams for a strong frame that can span more than 20 feet between the columns.
  • The StruXure Adjustable Pergola has an aluminum louvered roof system that can be opened or closed for shade, shelter, or sun, depending on the weather.

Unlike the StruXure Adjustable Pergola, a traditional pergola has open wooden slats, making it only useful on nice, warm days. If it is raining or extremely hot, the traditional pergola offers no shade or shelter, limiting its functionality.

Custom Options for the StruXure Adjustable Pergola

In addition to the features that come standard with the StruXure Adjustable Pergola, you can also customize the pergola with heaters, screens, and even misting fans for year-round use! For the summer season, you can open the screens, angle the louvers, and utilize your fans for a breezy, shaded space. In the wintertime, you can close the louvers and screens then turn on the heaters for a comfortable place to relax in the late fall and early spring seasons.

You can also opt for automated screens that can provide you with 97% UV protection and 3% airflow, providing you with the option to keep heat out in the summer and keep the heat in during winter. Pittsburgh experiences a rainy spring season, so enjoy your patio with the water-tight StruXure Adjustable Pergola. The pergola also features automated sensors that can detect when to close the louvers. If the louvers are shut, the rain is channeled into the pergola’s built-in gutter system.

Ready to Customize Your StruXure Adjustable Pergola?

Treesdale Landscape Company can help you choose the right custom options for your StruXure Adjustable Pergola and can also complete the installation to help you create a more comfortable and enjoyable outdoor living space. Contact us today to learn more.