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Treesdale Landscaping is Proud to be a StruXure Adjustable Pergolas Dealer

StruXure Adjustable Pergolas are a great feature to add to your outdoor living space. While wooden pergolas are popular, they are a high maintenance option that does not feature as many benefits as the StruXure Adjustable Pergolas.
There are a variety of pros to choosing a StruXure. Here atTreesdale Landscape Company, we are happy to share our favorite features of this pergola with you!

Powder Coat Finish for Durability

The StruXure pergolas are powder coated for durability. This process is a dry finishing process that adds a colored powder coat electrostatically. While the paint is affected by the sun, blistering, cracking, and fading, a powder coating is more durable and will maintain a beautiful finish with minimal maintenance.

Strong Aluminum Structure

Aluminum is one of the strongest nonferrous metals on earth and can be shaped without cracking or breaking. This allows for extrusions that are strong but much lighter than iron or steel. This material is also rust-resistant, making it a great material for outdoor use.

Adjustable Louvers

With the adjustable louvers, you can adjust them to shade yourself from the sun, close them to protect from the rain, or open them for better ventilation. Since they can pivot to any angle, you can get the right protection day or night and get more use out of your patio no matter the weather.

Customizable to Match Your Home and Lifestyle

Another great benefit of the powder coat mentioned earlier in the article is that it can be formulated in any color you can imagine. This allows you to match the pergola to your home and your style. From standard colors like bronze or black to custom colors such as wood grain, the possibilities are endless!

Another way you can customize your pergola is by adding lights, fans, heaters, or a screen to create a special, relaxing space.

Expand Your Living Space with Treesdale Landscape Company

A StruXure Pergola allows you to create a space outdoors that you can use year-round. When you hire Treesdale Landscape to install a StruXure Adjustable Pergola, you are expanding your outdoor space so you can use your backyard year-round. Contact us today to learn more!