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Ted Dixon

President and Owner of Treesdale Landscape Company with over 20 Years of Experience. 4 years degree in Turfgrass Horticulture at Penn state.

20 years of Landscape business experience

I started Treesdale landscape company because of the passion I have for the outdoors, landscaping and owning a business. Treesdale landscape company started in my Fathers barn with an old dump truck, wheelbarrow and a lot of ambition. Growing up locally, I understands the importance of family and loyalty to clients and employees. We strive to have great employee/employer relationships. I feel that if the employees love their job they will perform their job better and have a great life/work balance. Here at The Treesdale Landscape Company, our employees are like family.

Guide to Buying Gravel and Landscape Rock

Gravel and landscape rock are a practical and versatile way to accent your landscaping. It can be used to line your driveway, walkway, a parking lot or for gardening to give your landscape an aesthetic appeal. No matter what you plan to use the gravel for, if it is your first time purchasing this type … Continue reading “Guide to Buying Gravel and Landscape Rock”

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Inside Our Design Process: 3D Landscaping Design

With winter keeping people indoors, now is your chance to take a break from caring for your landscape and to begin thinking about your landscaping for the spring.

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Louvered Pergolas are Transforming Outdoor Living

Finding the best way to make your outdoor living space look great while remaining functional can be difficult. With louvered pergolas, you can enjoy all the beauty and fresh air that mother nature offers, while also transforming your patio, deck, or other outdoor living space into a functional area that can protect you from excessive … Continue reading “Louvered Pergolas are Transforming Outdoor Living”

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Choosing Annual Flowers for your Landscaping

If you are looking for a way to provide a splash of color to your landscape, consider choosing from the wide variety of colorful annuals. Annuals are flowers that must be planted each year. They complete their growing cycle in a single growing season, but they provide stunning color and vibrancy to your landscape that … Continue reading “Choosing Annual Flowers for your Landscaping”

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Late Summer is the Perfect Time for Landscape Installation

With the hot weather of summer tapering off and the cool fall weather rolling in, it’s time to begin installing your landscape. The cools comfortable weather of late summer is when shrubs, plants, and flowers thrive. Landscaping is hard work, so it is important to understand how and when you should install your landscape to … Continue reading “Late Summer is the Perfect Time for Landscape Installation”

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What You Should Know Prior to Designing Your Retaining Wall

Before starting any landscaping project, it is important to be prepared. Retaining walls can be a great way to make a unique seating area, a frame for your flower garden, and can also accent your driveway or protect a sloped landscape from erosion.

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Choosing Pavers for your Patio Redesign

When your patio requires a makeover, one of the many decisions that you will make is choosing which materials to use for your patio hardscape. If you already do not have a poured concrete pad that serves as your patio, your options are endless. There is even an option if you already have a concrete … Continue reading “Choosing Pavers for your Patio Redesign”

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5 Plants that thrive in western PA

Getting your thumb to turn green, really green, requires some knowledge about the gardening zone in your area. The USDA provides a handy guide that will assist you in identifying plants that will do well wherever you live. This map, USDA Hardiness Map, will give you a very good idea about your zone. In western to … Continue reading “5 Plants that thrive in western PA”

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5 Deer Resistant Plants for Your Landscape

The snow starts to melt and you can feel spring on the horizon. Days become lengthier and your thoughts trend towards getting your landscape, yard, and garden exactly the way you want. This is about to be, “next year…”. You think this because, “…last year”, well let’s just forget about last year. You planned you … Continue reading “5 Deer Resistant Plants for Your Landscape”

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Creating Walkways with Professional Hardscape Design

If you are a homeowner looking to enhance or add to your outdoor living space, incorporating a professional hardscape design is an excellent way to do so. One outdoor element that is functional as well as beautiful is an attractively designed walkway. A walkway is an excellent way to connect areas of your property together, … Continue reading “Creating Walkways with Professional Hardscape Design”

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