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Adding a Fire Feature to Your Backyard

If you are looking for a way to enhance your outdoor living space, consider adding a fire feature. They are a great addition whether you are spending time with family, enjoying a quiet night alone, or entertaining friends.

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Importance of Commercial Landscaping for Property Managers

Proper landscaping can make a significant difference in the properties you manage, adding value and beauty with pops of color from plants as well as ornamental trees and shrubbery. Landscaping also protects the property, providing proper drainage as well as wind and weather screening for buildings. The appearance of your managed properties makes an impression … Continue reading “Importance of Commercial Landscaping for Property Managers”

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Is Winter a Good Time to Install a Retaining Wall?

With winter in Pittsburgh arriving soon, there are a variety of things you need to do to prepare your home. It is essential to inspect your home, plumbing system, and your electrical system to ensure they can withstand the cold temperatures.

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What are Garden Walls and How can They Make your Backyard Special?

If you are looking for a unique way to accent your landscape, a garden wall may be an excellent solution for you! These one-sided wall units are not meant to hold back heavy, packed earth like a retaining wall.

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Adding a Pizza Oven to Your Backyard

If you are looking to add a unique atmosphere to your backyard, consider adding a pizza oven! With a pizza oven, you can transform your outdoor cooking and entertaining, providing a unique experience to your family and your guests.

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What is a Sitting Wall?

If you’re looking add more seating your patio, a sitting wall is a great option to add not only more seating but also enhancing the aesthetics of your patio. A sitting wall is a low wall that is built on a patio that doubles as seating.

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How Big of a Pergola Do I Need in My Backyard?

When deciding to install a pergola in your back yard, one of the most important things to consider is the size of the pergola that you want. When you choose to go with Treesdale Landscaping for your pergola needs, you aren’t limited to box-store standard sizing.

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How are Aluminum Pergolas Different from Traditional Wooden Pergolas?

Although wooden pergolas are common in many backyards, there are a variety of benefits to the aluminum technology that is now available. When it comes to aluminum, it offers a wide range of benefits when compared to wooden pergolas, such as less maintenance as well as different functions and looks.

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Common Misconceptions about Pergolas

When you’re looking for new ways to enhance your outdoor living space by adding a patio or a pergola, it is essential to avoid buying into the myths. They don’t add functionality to the space.  Some may think that a pergola isn’t useful to the outdoor space to protect against the sun or rain. In … Continue reading “Common Misconceptions about Pergolas”

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Landscaping with Rocks

The best way to ensure your landscape looks great is by building your landscape on a strong foundation. Choosing the right mulch, gravel, sand, and rocks is essential to laying the proper groundwork for your spring landscaping project.

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