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5 Deer Resistant Plants for Your Landscape

The snow starts to melt and you can feel spring on the horizon. Days become lengthier and your thoughts trend towards getting your landscape, yard, and garden exactly the way you want. This is about to be, “next year…”. You think this because, “…last year”, well let’s just forget about last year. You planned you … Continue reading “5 Deer Resistant Plants for Your Landscape”

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Creating Walkways with Professional Hardscape Design

If you are a homeowner looking to enhance or add to your outdoor living space, incorporating a professional hardscape design is an excellent way to do so. One outdoor element that is functional as well as beautiful is an attractively designed walkway. A walkway is an excellent way to connect areas of your property together, … Continue reading “Creating Walkways with Professional Hardscape Design”

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What to Ask When Planning Your Landscape Lighting Design

The right landscape lighting can do wonders for your property. Well placed, attractive lighting can transform your outdoor space, increasing both the aesthetics and the value of your home. Planning for the right outdoor landscape lighting design is crucial to the overall look. The right look will highlight your home in such a way as … Continue reading “What to Ask When Planning Your Landscape Lighting Design”

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What to Look For When Choosing a Snow Removal Company

Winters in Pittsburgh can be quite temperamental. Snow and ice are common occurrences, often occurring when we least expect them and almost always at inconvenient times. Whether or not the snow is falling, businesses are still expected to be in operation, and employees are expected to be at work.

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Hardscape Patios vs. Concrete Slab Patios

A patio adds a lot to a home, in terms of value and enjoyment. Having the right patio can help you to make the most of your outdoor space, whether it is relaxing or entertaining. When it comes to choosing the right materials for your patio, you want to make sure that you choose the … Continue reading “Hardscape Patios vs. Concrete Slab Patios”

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Why Removing Fallen Leaves Is Important

While fall in Pittsburgh has a beautiful display of many different colors of leaves, those leaves can wreak havoc on a property owner’s lawn. Colorful leaves eventually fall from the trees and wind up on the lawn, creating hours of work cleaning them up. While raking the leaves may seem like a tedious chore, it … Continue reading “Why Removing Fallen Leaves Is Important”

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Do I Need A Retaining Wall?

With many sloped properties in and around the Pittsburgh area, retaining walls are ever-present on many properties. However, because they are so prevalent, many fail to notice the retaining walls in their area, unless they are particularly striking or eye-catching.

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4 Signs Your Retaining Wall Needs Repaired

Retaining Wall Repair and Replacement The key purpose of a retaining wall is to hold soil in place, particularly in areas where it is sloping or uneven. A retaining wall provides much-needed stability to the property on which it is located, preventing erosion and directing drainage. Damaged retaining walls can cause considerable damage, which is why it … Continue reading “4 Signs Your Retaining Wall Needs Repaired”

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Why Late Summer is the Best Time to Reseed Your Lawn

Whether you’ve got a few bare or dead patches on your lawn, or you want to reseed your entire yard, there are good and bad times to plant grass seed. If you choose the right time and carefully follow lawn care protocol, your grass will be growing in thick and beautiful in no time.

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Why it’s Important to Mulch Every Year

If you have mulched beds or trees on your property, it is important that they have sufficient, properly applied mulch because, in addition to the polished look it gives to your landscape, mulch is one of the keys to growing healthy, beautiful, thriving plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees. Because traditional mulch breaks down over the … Continue reading “Why it’s Important to Mulch Every Year”

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